10 April 2011

LOVE is Strange !

Uhh! Life without you is just so hard. 
When I look up to you 
It's like the stars above. 
Making me wonder 
What an amazing game
Back and forth in my mind
It's making me insane
Are you here for the money?
Or is it the fame
Just one more quick-question before you end the game
Do you even know my name?
What's it worth
When you have no time
Not even a quarter, nickel or dime.
The money's spent 
But the question's there
How will the stars continue to stare?
Looking down on me
Your gorgeous dazzling eyes
Their looking at me
Even as I cry.
But all I can say is this pretty last line
Why is it so hard for me?
When you're here all the time.
Making me focus on other things, 
Is only making time hurry.
Right out the door
It's an amazing thing
Why's it worth the things it is
My hearts in my mouth 
And my stomach, in my throat 
You're so awesome Girls.
You're so breathtaking Girls.
Till the end of time 
We'll find out why!
Those damn stars have to come down some time

HUH , Im tired ==' ...
Better single FOREVER :)